Diet Pepsi Tries Out New Sweetener Formula

PepsiCo is testing out a new sweetener that keeps the taste fresher, for longer

The new Diet Pepsi is finally here. After months of testing out a new formula for sweeteners (and denying that they were changing the formula), PepsiCo is finally launching the new-and-improved formula. 

The Associated Press reports that cans of the new Diet Pepsi (found in New York, Omaha, Neb., and the San Francisco Bay Area for the time being) now include acesulfame potassium on the ingredients label. It's said that the new ingredient, often used with other artificial ingredients, will help the taste stay fresher, longer. 


The change signals not only a new ad campaign, "Love Every Sip," but a new focus on the brand that often loses out to America's favorite diet cola, Diet Coke. The AP reports that Diet Pepsi is just number seven on the list of carbonated soft drinks, with a little less than 5 percent of the market share. Diet Coke takes up 9.6 percent of the market in comparison. (We say, get Beyoncé on the can to get people drinking more Diet Pepsi — oh wait, that's already happening.