Diet Coke Uses Taylor Swift and a Hunky Hunk to Sell You More Diet Coke

It's not just Swift that's bringing in the Diet Coke fans — it may or not be the "Diet Coke hunk"

Yeah, that's the man behind the Diet Coke.

Want to look at some pretty people sipping on diet soda? You won't just have Sofia Veragara and Beyoncé anymore. Now, Diet Coke has released the "Diet Coke Hunk" upon the world — and signed Taylor Swift for a new endorsement deal. 

The first hottie on tap: The Diet Coke Hunk, in Diet Coke's new commercial called "The Gardener," is a play on the first "hot man drinking Coke" commercial 30 years ago. In that commercial, ladies got to gaze upon a hot construction worker guzzling a Diet Coke; now, ladies get to gaze upon a hot man mowing the lawn and, what do you know, splashing some Diet Coke on his shirt. (Jezebel has a slightly more rated-R version of what the commercial is really about.) Who's the hottie with the can? The Huffington Post shares that it's former Giorgio Armani, DKNY, and Louis Vuitton model Andrew Cooper. (Not to be confused with Anderson Cooper — that's a whole different story line.) 

As if the Diet Coke Hunk wasn't enough, new reports show that the brand has also signed Swift as its newest spokesperson. In a release, Diet Coke stated that Swift would be involved  in "key marketing efforts for the brand — including advertising, retail activation, experiential, and more." AdAge also shares that the partnership only makes sense, as Swift really does love her Diet Coke. Back in October, she told Bon Appétit she keeps her fridge stocked with the soda — "because it understands me," she said. 

Here's your Tuesday morning treat: the Diet Coke Hunk, below.