Did Dana Cowin Leak Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs?

Who she follows on Twitter might be more telling than she thinks

Dana Cowin

Tonight, Food & Wine is announcing the annual hot list of Best New Chefs, and as is the custom, editor-in-chief Dana Cowin has been tweeting hints for the past day.

Some of them are fairly obvious ("New York's Kindergarten Kitchen"), while others play with alliteration ("Portland Penny").

Yet Grub Street points out that Cowin may have accidentally spilled the beans on most of the winners, pointing out her Twitter following history.

Right when she started tweeting hints, Cowin also started following Dan Kluger (ABC Kitchen), Corey Lee (Benu), Bryant Ng (The Spice Table), and RIA (Chef Danny Grant), to name a few. There’s plenty more to read into over on Twitter. Or just read about it tonight after the announcements.