Dick & Jenny's New Owners Give NOLA Restaurant An Italian Facelift

Two Louisiana restaurant owners have been looking for a way to expand their Italian dishes to the New Orleans market. 

Kelly Barker and Cristiano Raffignone, who also own Martinique Bistro in NOLA and Cristiano Ristorante in Houma, La., purchased Dick & Jenny's in May. The Italian flavors found at Cristiano Ristorante will mix with the New Orleans cuisine already on the rustic Uptown restaurant's menu.

The menu makeover will mix North Italian with the Dick & Jenny's "tried-and-true regional offerings," nola.com reports.

The co-owners didn't rush it. The concept initially started as a pop up at Martinique Bistro on Monday evenings, when it is normally closed. They slowly introduced the Italian dishes to the New Orleans audience, judging if they were receptive to their concept.

"Dramatically altering a successful established business just doesn't make sense," Barker told nola.com. "We run the place, but New Orleans owns it."

The pop up ended last night, but the new menu at Dick & Jenny's is expected to appear on August 5.