Diane Kochilas On 'The Country Cooking Of Greece'

Greek food has now become a part of the American diet, from gyros to grilled octopus to the rise in Greek wines. But Diane Kochilas believes that we are missing out on the rustic cooking of the Greek countryside and so she's written a new book to bring Greek home-cooking to American kitchens, called The Country Cooking of Greece.

Kochilas is one of America's leading experts on Greek cuisine, having written 18 books and appeared across television networks and platforms promoting the country's culinary creations. But this book and topic has a special place among her many tomes: "The Country Cooking of Greece has extra meaning. It's a cuisine that very much comes from the land and the heart and soul of the cuisine is in the countryside, still in the villages and the mountains and the island villages and I think a lot of that food has never been explored in the United States," she says.

She says some of the recipes will come as a pleasant surprise to many readers who think they know Greek cooking. Kochilas is excited to introduce Americans to Greek recipes with artichokes or alternate octopus preparations. For more on the book watch the video above!