Young Foodie Responds To New York Magazine Feature

Remember that ridiculous "young foodie" piece in New York Magazine that made you cringe? (Or at least, a couple of us in the office).

Well, the main character, Diane Chang, has finally spoken out. Eater published her full-on defense of her lifestyle, and Chang points out what writer Michael Idov left out.

"I eat three meals a day — most of which I cook at home. When I eat out, it's mainly about getting together with friends in a convivial atmosphere," she says. Sounds normal.

Then, she goes on to explain the $38 cab ride (they were late, and they split it between five people), and her preference for Mile End ("[It] makes awesome food, offers great service, and is a place my friends and I can afford"), while mentioning her experience in food publishing at Bon Appétit.

"Prioritizing food over a 'ballin' pad does not make me a foodie. It does make me a typical 27 y/o New Yorker trying to be strategic about where my money goes," she writes. Oh and also, she usually had connections to get her into high-end places like ABC Kitchen, but "when I have to pull out my own wallet, I prefer eating a burger at Diner, fried chicken at Peaches, pho at Sao Mai, or making Chinese beef noodle soup at home for my pals." Could she mean this beef noodle soup?

Anyway, head on over to Chang's Tumblr if you want to judge for yourself.