Diamond Jubilee Dessert Sparks Run on Posh Ingredients

Heston Blumenthal's crumble inspires home cooks


Special Diamond Jubilee-themed treats have been popping up all over the U.K., from lamprey pie to a massive portrait of the Queen made of cakes. And a new dessert scheduled to be served at the Jubilee Picnic at Buckingham Palace has people across the country making a run to their grocery stores for rosewater, elderflower cordial, and crumbled meringues.

Heston Blumenthal and Royal Chef Mark Flanagan developed the recipe for the Diamond Jubilee Strawberry Crumble Crunch, a strawberry and rose compote with cream that’s served topped with meringue and crumble.

Ten-thousand people were selected by ballot to attend the Jubilee Picnic at Buckingham Palace. The rest may not get to attend the event, but they certainly want to get their hands on that trifle.

The recipe is available on the web site of Waitrose, an upscale supermarket in the U.K., and the chain says it has since seen normal sales of whipping cream quadruple, while elderflower cordial sales have increased 1,000 percent.

"The demand for ingredients has been astonishing with customers desperate to recreate this dessert for their friends and family," said Waitrose brand manager Graham Cassie, according to The Huffington Post. "It's lovely to think that, at exactly the same time as those attending the Buckingham Palace garden party are tucking into their picnics, there will be countless others around Britain enjoying this new dessert."

"I have designed this indulgent pudding especially for the Queen’s Jubilee weekend, which coincides with the beginning of the British strawberry season," said Heston Blumenthal. "It makes me proud to be British!"