Deuxave: When Two Avenues Collide

When Two Avenues Collide

Pistachio Persillade Crusted Colorado Lamb - Moroccan Spiced Saddle, Lamb Belly, Persian-style Tabouleh, Minted Cucumber Raita, Harissa and Charred Cucumbers - all at Deuxave!

On the corner of Mass and Commonwealth Avenues sits one of Chef Chris Coombs' wonderful culinary gems.  As the two avenues intersect right at his doors, fine New England and French cuisine meet within his kitchen.  At Deuxave (which is french  slang for 'two avenues' and is actually pronounced deu-z-ave), Chef Chris serves up a menu full of seasonal dishes with a few staples that will thankfully never go away.

Top of the list as far as staple items go is without a doubt their Situate Lobster gnocchi. Ordered as an appetizer to share, the pillows of gnocchi amid large and meaty chunks of lobster sets the bar high for the rest of the meal.

Another favorite is their seasonal vegetable salad which, although always on the menu, will change to reflect the trends of each season. 

As for main courses, you simply cannot go wrong.  Anything from the tagliatelle Bolognese which is always on the menu to something highly seasonal like any of their nightly specials, will provide diners with a wonderful meal that offers delights for the eyes and the appetite. I would highly recommend any variation Chef Chris presents with Lamb (pictured with article) and Duck and it would be a real shame to walk out of the restaurant without a taste of his impressive truffle dish - 2 grams of Alba truffles shaved over hand cut lemon-black pepper angel hair with a two-hour egg...extra truffles available upon request and if in season.

Chef Chris always has a selection of in-season side dishes which go along very nicely with any of the meals and are often good enough to take center stage. Unfortunately, corn is no longer in season and his infamous corn pudding is off the menu..luckily brussel sprouts are back!

With Jaime Davis (formerly of N. 9 Park) as their pastry chef, Dessert at Deuxave is also a hit. You can opt for a selection cheese with accompaniments, or go for something really delectable.  Being prepared for the late fall menu, their in-house pastry chef presents a chocolate and spiced pumpkin souffle.. or perhaps you would prefer a Bourbon Ginger Dulcey Ganache?

In the end, whichever direction you decide to travel, at Deuxave, you will always end up with a wonderful culinary experience in a beautiful dining room served by knowledgeable and professional staff. It is a recipe for consistency and success!

371 Commonwealth Ave (Massachusetts Ave)
Boston, MA 02115
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