Details on 'Dinner With Barack'; Romney Hosts Rally in Iowa

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Photo Baked Alaska at Mintwood Place Modified: Flickr/fabulousfabs/CC 4.0

The Baked Alaska at Mintwood Place in Washington, D.C.

Earlier this week, President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama dined with the lucky winners of the fifth "Dinner with Barack" sweepstakes. The meal took place at Mintwood Place in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, D.C. and today new details about the event are surfacing.

The chef of Mintwood Place, Cedric Maupillier, noted that Obama’s camp reached out to the restaurant a few weeks ago to ask if they would hold a special dinner for them on Monday (when they are usually closed), according to Eater DC. But it wasn’t until just a couple of days before the event that the chef realized the president would be in attendance.

Maupillier shared that the Obamas were extremely nice and gracious to the restaurant’s staff throughout the evening. The entrée options included a bacon cheeseburger with fries or salad; cast-iron Amish chicken; tagliatelle a la Bolognese; salmon in basil pistou broth; wood-grilled Carolina shrimp and American sea bream; turnips, artichoke barigoule; whole boneless dorade with braised fennel and picholine olives; moules a la mariniere; and five-grain risotto with grilled corn and broccolini. And apparently, the president went with the bacon cheeseburger, because he posted a photo of the dish on Instagram.


Ross Murty, the co-owner of The Village Corner Deli in Davenport, Iowa, made a splash last week when he catered an event for Obama during the president's tour of the state while wearing a pro-Romney T-shirt. Today, Romney is visiting neighboring town Bettendorf, Iowa, to attend a support rally at LeClaire Manufacturing. Murty told local news outlets that he intends to make it to the event if he can, but considering it's taking place during the lunch rush, he may not be able to swing it.

(Photo Baked Alaska at Mintwood Place Modified: Flickr/fabulousfabs/CC 4.0)