Destination Hotels & Resorts Culinary Series 'The Study Of...'

Destination Hotels & Resorts has launched a culinary program called "The Study of...," featuring an in-depth exploration of a particular seasonal ingredient or popular cooking technique. From October through December, the focus will be set on "The Study of Braising," and chefs at select restaurants of Destination Hotels & Spas will showcase braising with special recipes and cooking tips.

Braising, a French cooking method from the 18th century, was selected as the focus for "The Study of..." by chefs within the Destination Culinary Collection, including 35 distinctive chef-driven restaurants throughout the U.S. Braising is best demonstrated during the fall and winter months, with the option of creating many hearty and warming dishes using seasonal ingredients.

As a part of the program, guests at Destination Hotels & Resorts can dine in participating restaurants to sample special braised menu items, as well as participate in cooking demonstrations and lectures.

Each month starting in October, one chef will be dedicated specifically to "The Study of Braising." First out is Paul McCabe, executive chef of Royal Palms Resort and Spa in Phoenix, whose seasonal menu will feature items such as braised endive, braised beef short ribs, and braised country pork rib. In November, Lansdowne Resort in Virginia will be highlighting braising and flavors of the holiday season, with executive chef Robert Bradley's "tasting of pork" menu and Virginia harvest carrot cake. Executive chef Shannen Tune of Hotel Derek in Houston will end "The Study of Braising" series with a menu of beer-braised pork butt sandwich, brown sugar and chile-rubbed short ribs, and maple-braised collard greens.

Launched in April 2013, "The Study of..." has also featured items such as salmon and duck.