Ben's Chili Bowl Expanding And More News

Check out these headlines you may have missed.

Small Town Wants Chef: Catskill, N.Y., a tiny town that is "not the Catskills," has decided to try to become a "dining destination" and lure a promising chef. Their deal? Pitch an innovative restaurant concept, and get a prime location rent-free for a year. [Grub Street]

Ben's Chili Bowl Opening in Airport: The D.C. favorite is opening its sixth outlet in the area at Reagan International Airport. Traveling through this always-busy airport seems just a little better now. [Washington Post]

Eggs on the Counter? While modern-day germophobes might insist that eggs should always be stored in a fridge, the Daily Mail has come up with a "scientific study" that says there is no difference between chilling the eggs and leaving them on the counter. Of course, you probably have to get the best, freshest eggs you can find. [Daily Mail]

Healthy Baked Goods for Weight Loss? A new flour made of microalgae high in lipids could be the next best thing in diet trends, as the flour can be used in baked goods to help cut out butter and eggs. Brioche sans fat? Blasphemous. [Food Navigator]

Guide to Ramen: Perfect for the upcoming colder months, here's everything you need to know about various ramen styles. [Serious Eats]