Denver Public Garden Provides Food for Residents

Staff Writer
Urban garden beautifies neighborhood while also providing produce for residents

The community garden provides a place for neighbors to gather.

Urban gardens in Denver have been growing since 1985, and now there are more than 120 in the city. One of these gardens is not only beautifying the area, but also providing food for local residents, The Denver Channel reports

Eric Purkalitis is a regular at Denver’s Elati Neighborhood Garden. In the heart of the historic Elati Street neighborhood, Purkalitis and two friends stop by almost every day to work on the community garden.

The garden is not just a tool for community building – it also produces food, which is given out to people in the neighborhood if they need it. The surplus of produce available is not the only benefit. Since the garden has been active, there is less graffiti and gang related activity in the area. The area has become a place to escape from the urban environment and spend time in nature with neighbors.

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Eric Mandil is the owner of the land. While Mandil had other development options for the plot, he chose to create the garden and give back to the community. The space can now be described as not only a garden, but also a gathering place that is much appreciated and used by the neighborhood.