Denver Community Celebrates Ethiopian Culture And Diversity

On July 28th, hundreds of people lined up for the opening two hours of the first Taste of Ethiopia Grand Festival in Aurora, the Denver Post reports.

Although a thousand injera, whole-wheat flat bread, were made, they were not nearly enough for all of the eager guests excited to try the ethnic foods. Fourteen people from Ethiopia cooked piles of food the day before and served it Sunday to those at the festival. The Denver metro area is home to about 17 Ethiopian restaurants according to the event organizers.

The festival was not just about the traditional dishes being served. There was also music, communal coffee, and jewelry and clothing for sale. There was a dance exhibit in which mostly first-generation American teenagers participated, performing ancient dances from across Ethiopia.

The goal of the event was to share culture and encourage diversity, and because of the large amount of participation and attendance, many likely could say this goal was accomplished.