Dennis Rodman To Release 'Bad Boy' Vodka

The bad boy of basketball will now be bringing his notorious style from the world of sports to the world of liquor.

Former basketball star Dennis Rodman is pairing with Premier Brands to create his own liquor called "Bad Boy Vodka," according to The Spirits Business. The company said they were inspired by Rodman's attitude for the spirit, even crafting the bottle to mimic his frosted hair and tattoos.

"Bad Boy Vodka characterizes a tough and edgy, yet smooth and classic taste; a perfect representation of whom and what I am all about," Rodman said in a press release.

In addition to looking the part, Jorge Olsen, President and CEO of Premier Brands told The Spirits Business that the liquor has the taste to back up the hype. "The taste is incredible, the bottle is a work of art, and the brand is already recognizable. We have already had interest from brokers and accounts," he said.

Bad Boy Vodka will launch in California on July 27; the suggest retail price is $20. Just the latest celebrity to launch a spirit — will you try it?