Denmark Tries to Lure Tourists with Bars for Dogs

Forget cat cafes, tourists want dogs and beer
Sleeping dog

Wikimedia/High Contrast

A Danish town is opening dog bars in the hopes of luring canine-loving German tourists and their thirsty pets.

The Danish town of Holstebro has noticed falling tourism rates recently, and in an effort to do something about it, the town has decided to introduce dog bars where pets can have snacks and drinks, and their human people can relax, too.

According to The Local, Holstebro authorities suspect that falling tourism rates were due in part to a strict 2011 law that said any dog could be put down if it injures or frightens a person, or if a police officer says the dog seems dangerous. The law was seen as being unwelcoming to dogs, and tourists from nearby Germany who otherwise might have come to Denmark for a short trip with their families and dogs decided to make other plans rather than risk their pets.

"German guests see their dog as an extra family member and see them almost as having an extra child," said the Holstebro tourism consultant behind the new dog bars.


The dog bars do not supercede the dog law, but they’ve been established as a type of olive branch for pet owners, to let tourists know that their pets are welcome. The dog bars give away treats and are a convenient place to give the dogs a drink while the owners relax and think of where else in Holstebro they might want to visit.