Delicious Ways To Enjoy Apple Cider

Delicious apple cider from our local cider mill is one of my favorite things about fall. I love how it is the one true drink that actually tastes like apples without any imitation flavors or colors, just a touch or two of my favorite spices.

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Over the years I have come to love using apple cider in my favorite beverages and baked goods. I know nobody can deny just how delicious an apple cider donut can be. We love them! (My trick? To make them more manageable, I make them into donut holes instead of full donuts.)

Here are several delicious ways you can enjoy cider this fall, beyond the classic, comforting hot drink. Be it in a drink, mixed into icing, or swirled into sauce, there are so many ways you can incorporate it into just about every dessert, making it a treat to last through fall and winter.

— The Naptime Chef, Babble