Delicious Drink-Flavored Desserts

Last week I made a fresh lemonade icebox pie and thought about how I love to make lemonade-flavored foods all summer long. That made me realize that I actually make a lot of drink-flavored foods year-round. For example, at Christmas I make eggnog scones and on Cinco de Mayo I make margarita cupcakes. I find these foods to be the perfect way to enjoy the flavors of some of my favorite drinks but in a sweeter, non-alcoholic form. I also love how my summer lemonade favorites are the perfect way to enjoy the refreshing taste of lemonade in a new form. Here are some of our favorite drink-flavored foods on the Family Kitchen. Cheers!

— The Naptime Chef, Babble


Did you know you can make cupcakes with frozen lemonade concentrate? Not only does it work well, but these moist cakes are nearly as refreshing as drinking a tall glass of iced lemonade!

Make frozen lemonade cupcakes.


Sometimes I don't think there is any better dessert than a freezer pie. This refreshing treat tastes exactly like pink lemonade, and is the perfect summer dessert for the whole family!

Make pink lemonade icebox pie.


There is no better way to enjoy the flavors of a margarita sans alcohol than with these tasty cupcakes. Whip them up to serve as dessert after a Mexican-themed meal for a fun, festive dessert!

Make margarita cupcakes.


These adorable piña colada muffins are the perfect morning treat. Full of sweet fruit flavor with a hint of coconut, they are just the thing to inspire a tropical mood in the morning.

Make piña colada muffins.


What better way for the whole family to enjoy a piña colada than in these refreshing popsicles? Everyone will go crazy for the refreshing pineapple-coconut treats on a hot day!

Make piña colada popsicles.


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