Delicioso Ideas for Flavorful Margaritas

Great cocktail concepts for the most popular cocktail in America

We love the roller-coaster of cocktail fashions. So many drinks go in and out of style —  we’re excited about the recent interest in Tiki drinks, the rising interest in artisanal cocktails made popular by mixologists who develop their own oak-infused smoky mushroom-infused cocktails, that mescal has begun making its mark, and all of the mint-based drinks are about to blow up this summer —  but we reserve a special place in our hearts for the cocktails that are tried-and-true, lasting favorites. The truth is that few drinks are as widely popular and have had the proven staying power of the margarita. Universally adored and eternally popular, the margarita is actually the most popular cocktail in America and has been for years, with good reason.

Delicioso Ideas for Flavorful Margaritas (Slideshow)

The margarita is also possessed of several exceptionally charming backstories, none of which have ever been proven to be definitively accurate. All of them, however, involve beautiful women: in some tellings, a bartender first concocted the historic drink for Margarita Henkel, in others, dancer and actress Marjorie King received credit for inspiring the famous concoction.[related]

However, our personal favorite origin story revolves around the fabulous socialite Margaret "Margarita" Sames, who allegedly had the idea of making a tasty little cocktail before lunch, because that was how the rich and gorgeous rolled back then.

"After all, a person can only drink so many beers or so many Bloody Marys, or screwdrivers or whatever," Ms. Sames is quoted as saying. "I wanted to make up a new drink."

And so she did: some tequila, a little orange liqueur, and a few squeezes of lime, and voilá, the margarita was born.

National Margarita Day is February 22nd, but don’t worry if you miss it: the margarita is one of those glorious year-round beverages that works in the winter to remind you that lazy summer days aren’t too far away, and is ideal in the summertime to cool you down, whether pool or tableside.

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Our selection of margaritas ranges from classic to innovative, super-sour to fruity, and lamb-mild to muy caliente. There might not be one perfect margarita out there for everyone, but we’re sure one of our selections will make your weekend mucho feliz.