Del Taco Cashier Stabs Customer Over Order Mix-Up

Cashier stabs man in stomach for complaining about food

The epidemic of fast-food order rage continues this morning, as police have arrested a suspect in Hemet, Calif., after a stabbing occurred over a mixed-up order at a Del Taco outlet there.

This case breaks the mold, however, in that it was a Del Taco employee who did the stabbing, and not an overreacting customer.

Twenty-eight-year-old cashier Gabriel Villalba has been arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon after stabbing a man in the stomach. According to CBS, the sheriff’s department said the incident began when a customer complained to Villalba about a mistake with his Del Taco order, and escalated until the point where Villalba whipped out a knife and stabbed the man in the stomach with it.

The man’s friends drove him to a nearby hospital, and is reporting that his injury was considered serious, but he’s not considered likely to succumb to it.

Next time someone messes up a takeout order, just eat it anyway.