Man Gets Arrested For Deep-Fried Gun

For the record, deep-frying a gun will not keep the police from finding it, especially when it goes off in the middle of a restaurant kitchen. Obdulio Gudiel learned that lesson the hard way this week after he was arrested for attempted robbery with a deadly weapon, which police eventually fished out of the deep fryer of a Las Vegas restaurant.

It all started when two men called police and said Gudiel had approached them with a gun in the parking lot of El Diamante Restaurant and demanded money, according to the Huffington Post,

A restaurant employee told police that a man had approached her and asked her to hold onto his gun when the police showed up, according to the Huffington Post. She turned him down, and he apparently decided that hiding it in the deep fryer would be the next best thing.

The gun went off while the restaurant was being evacuated, but nobody was injured. 

Gudiel maintains that it was all a big misunderstanding and that was totally not his gun in the fryer. Gudiel said one of the men who called police was his nephew, who owes him money. He said he tried to collect the money, but did not have a gun.