Decorating Styles for Every Host

Follow these hot trends for your next dinner party
Decorating Styles

Your party will be on point with these decorative trends.

Who says your party has to be themed to be pretty? As a host or hostess, when you are having company over, you have to have a signature style to leave an impression on your guests. There are definite style trends worth noting this year that will make your dinner party pop. Try any of these looks (or mix and match them) for a style that totally screams “you!”


Beautiful blooms are all the rage this year! From floral print napkins to pretty petaled table runners, blossoms are back. You can further personalize this style by choosing a floral look that can range from modern to country. Just be sure that if your motif is floral, you have a vase full of complementary blooms or paper flowers to add the perfect accent!


It is all about the shapes this summer! Go geometric if you are a more modern hostess. Mix and match shapes by setting a table with round and square plates, or try for a patterned table runner and uniquely shaped napkins.


We still aren’t over the Mason jar phenomenon. Rustic jars and baby’s breath are still a gorgeous way to liven up your table. Don’t go for bold colors with this look. Instead, washed ivories, blush pinks, and pastel are all elements to hit in your rustic designs. Textured linens like placemats will add to that rustic vibe.

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This story was originally published on November 13, 2014.