Decorating With Fresh Flowers? Here's What You Need To Know

Flowers and centerpieces are like those amazing accessories in your wardrobe that should not be reserved just for special occasions and holidays; they should be put on display at every opportunity possible. Incorporating flowers into your everyday entertaining and décor can mean a quick phone call to your favorite florist or an enjoyable opportunity for a DIY project.

If you're working with a florist, never hesitate to ask them to make a house call. I will often visit a client personally, fresh blooms in tow, to flower-up the home. An advantage to a house call is that you can use your own vessels, which add personal and natural touches to the arrangements. Also, when a florist knows your personal preferences, fresh flowers become an effortless pleasant addition.

If planning to arrange your own flowers, there are a few easy tips to consider:

●     Choose flowers in season; they will naturally be the most beautiful. 

●     You may have blooms in your own garden, but also consider shopping at a farmers market for local seasonal blooms. 

●     A foolproof strategy for beginners is to work in a monochromatic color scheme; working with different tones of the same color will never disappoint. 

●     If you are afraid to make a mixed arrangement, consider using a single element in different vases lining your table.

Whether going it alone or hiring a professional, get creative and think resourcefully. There are many ways to incorporate things you already own into your floral decor. A few designs that are trending lately are:

●     Using seasonal produce that ties into the menu of the party and the colors of your flowers; in the fall, a few well-placed pumpkins among the flowers is a warm, elegant touch.

●     Arranging flowers in jelly jars or in tin cans tied with butcher's twine or recycled paper.

●     Tying together green foliage with fresh flowers to create a natural runner down a long table.

Flowers, whether simple or grand, are an easy way to make your everyday entertaining more enjoyable. 

VeeZey Bio

"Flowers Always. Blooms and buds, greens and vines, texture and color."

by Kelly Van Zandt of VeeZey Floral Design

VeeZey aims to balance the classic with the curious, using fine seasonal flowers and quality materials. Whether you choose their signature low lush VeeZey arrangement or have a custom design request, VeeZey works closely with their clients to create florals most appropriate for the occasion. Available for editorials, events, and personal and professional gifting.