8 Decadent Donuts From Around The Country

Honestly, who needs a reason to eat a donut? Deep-fried flour, powdered sugar, icing — each one's like an all-star team of the world's tastiest ingredients. But who serves the crème of the calorie-filled crop? Now that, my friend, is a good question.

The evolution of this doughy confection has reached impressive new levels the past few years. No longer is this undisputed king of pastries confined to the donut shop display.

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Restaurants with pedigreed chefs and tired dessert trays have been taking their bold swings at donut greatness of late. They've brought breakfast cereal into the mix, bubble gum dust, even bacon. Just look at stores such as Dynamo in San Francisco or Voodoo Doughnut in Portland — they've become virtual subcultures.

Clearly, this is not a Dunkin' Donuts world anymore. The donut has become a great equalizer. And much to the chagrin of your heart doctor, a new generation of adventurous bakers are pushing the art form into eminently greater and gooier pastures. Time to see the evidence.

— Gregg Rosenzweig, YP

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