Dear Irving: A Time Traveler's Haven

esp logo3 Dear Irving: A Time Travelers Haven
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Photo Credit: Jayd Jackson

Photo Credit: Jayd Jackson

Dear Irving
55 Irving Pl.,
New York, NY 10003
(212) 362.7548

The first things that come to mind when most people hear the words "time travel" are probably the Delorean, awkward oedipal incest, hover craft skate boards... or really anything from Back to the Future. However, for the creative minds who brought us Rains Law Room, it was a more recent fantasy flick— Midnight in Paris. Lucky for us, these cocktail den aficionados decided to turn their vision into a reality; so now, with cocktail in hand, you actually can travel through time at this innovative hotspot, Dear Irving.

Though it may not have Michael J. Fox leading the way, Dear Irving does offer four extraordinary rooms, each representing a different era. You can settle into one time period for the night or travel through time... without all of Doc's anxiety.

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First, twist and shout into the 60's style room filled with blue and black leather couches and chairs, alongside traditional 60's patterned wall paper.

Next, jitterbug your way through the 1920's Gatsby-esque room, or take a seat in one of the couch areas, sectioned off by gorgeous crystal beaded curtains. After you've polished off one of Meghan Dorman's 15 outrageous cocktail creations, such as the Madame George (Irish whiskey, cherry heering, ginger, lime, and club soda), waltz back to the gilded age of the 1880's. Here you'll find a bar, complete with romantic lighting, rustic wood paneling and red velvet couches.

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If you've had a drink in each of the eras, you're probably feeling somewhat "jet lagged", but try to propel your way through to the fourth room, into the era of France, before Marie Antoinette lost her head. Surrounded by red velvet, French inspired décor, including vintage paintings, sofas and glass chandeliers, you can sip champagne and think about poor Marie and her fate.

So, RSVP online now and make it to Dear Irving before you are completely erased from the picture.

By Amanda Blum

Amanda Blum writes and edits E.S.P. Eat. See. Play. lifestyle content for New York.