DDS Allowing DBA To Rollover

At the end of every term, students are on a mad dash to finish DBA. Many end up buying exorbitant amounts of food. Michelle Martinez '17 commented, "It helps us get the most out of our money and I feel like it reduces the culture of binge eating at the end of the term."

Last term, Annie Sun '16 had over $500 left in DBA and spent it all in one final outing. This term, the unfortunate incident has repeated itself and she has not even finished the pile she bought last term.

Photo contributed by Annie Sun '16

Case of the DBA Spending Spree
Photo contributed by Annie Sun '16

This has been a change that many students have been hoping for. Missy Cantave '16 said, "I always wanted to have DBA roll over for each term because I for one had to sped so much DBA at the end of the term."

With this new rule, students' spending habits will change. Don predicted, "Depending on the student, they may opt for a larger plan for the Fall Term and make a reduction in the following term."

However, Josh Wang '15 noted, "I can't wait to see the ridiculous spending sprees at the end of the spring with all the rollover DBA though."

But for this term, DBA will end on June 8, and the huge shopping sprees will continue. For some, this is one more obstacle in addition to finals. For others, they're just happy that the rollover DBA plan has been implemented.

Randi Young '15 sums this up perfectly with her enthusiastic ""YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!"

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