Washington, D.C. Soda Vending Machine Accidentally-on-Purpose Serving Malt Liquor

Police found a vending machine charging $3 for malt liquor

We're going to start looking twice at every vending machine we run across; DCist reports that a "rogue" (rogue! Like a bandit!) vending machine in front of a Washington, D.C. apartment has been dispensing $3 cans of malt liquor to anyone who happened to know the right button to push.

According to a tweet from a Trinidad Neighborhood Association meeting, "MPD has found a Pepsi machine in the front yard of a apartment building that was vending cans of malt liquor," say 'Eye Em Gōph' tweeted.

Apparently an Metropolitan Police Department announced during the meeting that the rogue vending machine was found and dismantled; the clever and most-definitely illegal way of selling booze was obviously targeted at underaged drinkers.

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"The Pepsi machine was in front of a 4-unit apartment and of course no one claimed responsibility for it. It charged $3 for the malt liquor so kids were buying it (cheaper for adults to get at the store). MPD disabled it and were waiting for the property owner to have it removed," Danielle Bays, the association's president, told DCist in an email. To the machine's owner: Can we get one for our office?