Day Trips From Cannes, France

From art-gallery-filled towns to annual food festivals, the south of France has more than celebrity-spottings and film festivals to offer. Sure, Cannes might get the press for its Cannes International Film Festival and have all the beaches, but venture just a little farther afield and you can find yourself in Picasso's old neighborhood, sitting in restaurant with Audrey Hepburn's autograph on the window, or simply browsing one of the best food markets in the French Riviera.

While we were in town for the Cannes International Film Festival at the Magnum lounge, we chatted with locals for their travel recommendations. The Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region of France, where Cannes and its surrounding towns are situated, has long held a culinary reputation. Given its proximity to the Italian border, travelers will find homey, Italian influences in local cuisine, while oenophiles can rest easy knowing that Provence is the premier rosé-producing region in the world (of real rosé, not the mixed red-and-white mockery).

So when you're finished laying out on the beaches and window-shopping along Rue d'Antibes (we know that local Ladurée is a time suck...) head out to these five nearby towns and explore. There are adorable tourist-friendly villages, exclusive wineries, and the best salad Niçoise to be had.