David Yurman Designs Limited Edition Bottle Stopper for Patrón Añejo


Just in time for the holiday season, Patron Spirits has unveiled a beautiful new bottle stopper made in collaboration with none other than jewelry house David Yurman. Available for just a limited time, the little piece of art has been made to mirror the handle of a Samurai sword, showcasing a splash of ornately sculpted gold on a dark gray metal handle.

The two toned piece is die-cast in solid metal, electroplated in gun metal and adorned with 24K gold, making it considerably heavier than it looks. Presented in a velvet-lined box, the first thing that comes to mind? Manly stocking stuffer. The thing is not only heavy, it feels solid and masculine.

Designed specifically with Patrón Añejo in mind, Evan Yurman, Chief Design Director for David Yurman men’s and timepiece collections, created the piece to reflect bold design and intricate detail in the metal carvings; certainly a unique accessory for the spirits connoisseur.

Inspiration to create a piece modeled after the hand guards of 18th Century Japanese Samurai swords stemmed from Yurman’s own passion for artifacts and rare objects:

“It was a thrill to work with Patrón on this unique project,” said Yurman. “Throughout time, armor and weapons have represented the highest artistic and technical ability of the artisans who craft them. For me, there is an inseparable parallel between a finely honed weapon and a beautifully crafted piece of jewelry – they are truly one in the same and a natural extension of the work that inspires me.”

Carved into the top of one side of the hilt is the Patron Spirits Bee and on the very tip, lies a gold DY; both logos are subtle and blend right into the design. The detail on the piece is beautiful, not that we would expect anything less of David Yurman. Similarly, Patrón Añejo is made with an "unparalleled attention to detail," making the two brands a well-made match.

Available in its special limited edition gift box, the bottle stopper will be on sale at select retailers nationwide for $59.99.