David Burke’s Bacon Bar Opens in Chicago

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The sandwich shop has all the bacon you’ll want
Burke's Bacon Bar
Facebook/ Burke's Bacon Bar

Burke's Bacon Bar goes all out with bacon.

David Burke’s new bacon-loaded sandwich shop, Burke’s Bacon Bar, has opened in in Chicago. It is located next to the James Hotel, where David Burke’s Primehouse resides, according to Eater.

Burke’s Bacon Bar serves “handwiches,” which feature one of four different types of bacon, such as Benton’s Tennessee Bacon, “Angry Bacon,” Dreymiller & Kray “Matilda” cured bacon, and Niman Ranch Pepper Bacon. The nine sandwiches on the menu celebrate meat, with selections including banh mi, five-spice duck, beef n’ cheddar, hot turkey roll wrap, and more. There is one vegetarian option: the smoked eggplant meatball parmesan, although the menu adds that you can add bacon for an extra buck.

The bacon-themed sandwich shop also serves desserts like bacon chocolate chip cookies and bacon peanut brittle. And if that isn’t enough, bacon-lovers can go all out with bacon-inspired t-shirts, bacon strips adhesive bandages, and other items.

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Time will tell how the sandwich shop pans out, but it’s hard to go wrong with bacon.