David Burke Introduces Fabrick Brunch

Having a reason to saunter into the Archer Hotel on a Sunday is exciting enough, but when you sit down on the brightly upholstered couches of David Burke's fabrick and they hand you that menu, the world is yours. Usually, I have a hard time choosing what to order and get stuck deciding between two or three items, but on Sunday, the desire to order one of everything was so intense that I can't believe I was able to hold back.

Okay, mostly hold back.

French toast nuggets; candied bacon; angry egg tacos with chorizo; avocado panna cotta. That should be enough, right?

We thought the appetizers were going to be petite, maybe two tiny tacos, a few nuggets, and an index card-sized rectangle of the pastrami salmon flatbread.


The entire table was covered with giant dishes, and I had no idea how we were going to save room for the lobster BLT steamed buns and steak and eggs.

Executive chef Adin Langille has really outdone himself. In case you can't decide between a piece of lobster and a bloody Mary, you can just order an angry lobster bloody Mary, made with chili salt, chipotle vodka, and poached lobster. Yes, you read that right. 

With every bite, I found myself pausing, then wildly reacting to the delicious flavors. "Wait, is there something spicy in the French toast? Am I dipping this French toast nugget in caramel? Did they source the juiciest blackberries on earth? How many sauces are they serving with these tacos? Is this minced tomato?!"

The perfect ending to the meal wasn't, however, the Banana Split made with fro-yo and topped with a hard candy shell—it was the big guy himself, chef David Burke, tweeting back at me that he was glad I enjoyed my meal.

It just doesn't get more fabulous than that.