David Burke Helps Launch Line of Low-Calorie Dressings

Serendipity, a line of 15-calorie whipped salad dressings, will hit shelves in May

Serendipity whipped dressings

Serendipity, a new line of 15-calorie whipped dressings and dips, will hit grocery store shelves this spring. The new dressings are made with "real dressing," according to a release, and have 90 percent fewer calories, carbs, sugar, fat, and sodium than leading brands. They also lack trans fat, artificial colors or sweeteners, and high-fructose corn syrup.

Unlike traditional creamy salad dressings that get lost in the greens, Serendipity takes pride in the fact that their dressing stays on top of the salad to give diners an accurate idea of how much they are consuming. The products will be sold in sleek cans and will be available in six flavors: blue cheese, honey French, Caesar, ranch, creamy Italian, and Thousand Island.

So how did this unconventional idea come into play? Jimmy Lee, a New York entrepreneur and investor with a background as a health care venture capitalist, created the product in hopes of enforcing healthy eating.

"Serendipity was born out of a desire to spur easy healthy eating habits without sacrificing taste, the 'holy grail' and what all consumers want," he explained. "This really is an unparalleled, revolutionary product, as the only known 15-calorie whipped dressing and dip made of real dressing."

Even though the idea of putting your dressing onto your salad as if it’s whipped cream may seem a little weird, chef David Burke is all for it. In fact, after being contacted by Lee during the development of the product, Burke ended up joining the company as its chief culinary advisor.

"After talking to Jimmy about Serendipity, exploring the product, and tasting the different flavors, I immediately became a Serendipity fan," chef Burke added. "I truly feel that this product will be a real game-changer for consumers because while it maintains a position of being low-calorie, it does not do so at the expense of great flavor; my fundamental reason for getting on board."

Although this sounds like a cool idea and is backed by one of the most famous chefs around, the ingredient list has yet to be released. All we know thus far is that the new line is made with "real dressing," so we will have to see for ourselves what else goes into the can when it goes on sale; they’ll be available to purchase online and in select Northeast locations beginning this May.

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