Danny Bowien Explains Oklahoma City, Williamsburg Mission Chinese Outposts

'We want to keep people on their toes,' he says in an interview with Fast Company

Considering that some members of this staff have personally tried to get reservations at Mission Chinese in New York City three times already, only to be told that reservations had to be made at least a week in advance, it's safe to say that new locations are definitely a must.

Luckily, Fast Company chatted with Danny Bowien to discuss what's coming up for the uber-trendy restaurant, and while Williamsburg and Oklahoma City were previously confirmed as the next locations, Bowien explains his reasoning behind his location choices.

"Brooklyn does make a lot of sense," Bowien said in the interview, "But people always expected us to open in Brooklyn and that’s why we did the Lower East Side. We don’t want to follow the trends, if people think we’re going one way we don’t necessarily want to follow what people’s expectations are. We want to keep people on their toes."

Oklahoma City, where Bowien grew up, will be the fourth location, since Bowien still has friends and family there. "A lot of the food at Mission Chinese is influenced by me growing up there — really awesome smoked meats and barbecue, things like that," Bowien said. "We’ll see what happens, though, that’s a little ways off." Fingers crossed that the new Mission Chinese restaurants are just a tad bigger than the original.