Man Convicted of Killing Brother with Potatoes

A man was sentenced to seven years in prison for grisly potato murder

Wikimedia/Ralf Roletschek

A Danish man was sentenced to seven years for killing his brother by choking him with a potato. 

A Danish man was sentenced to seven years in prison for the grisly crime of killing his own brother with potatoes.

The crime sounds bizarre, but it actually happened and a man is dead. According to The Local, a pair of middle-aged brothers got into a drunken, violent fight late one night last November. During the fracas, the 55-year-old younger brother killed his 57-year-old older brother by reportedly shoving potatoes down his throat and choking him.

The culprit reportedly called an ambulance and reported that his brother was unconscious, but when paramedics arrived they found the victim was already dead and had a potato stuffed in his throat. The brother was arrested.

During the trial, the man claimed that his brother had killed himself due to the argument, but nobody believed that the victim committed suicide with a potato.


The jury ruled this week that he was guilty of “violence causing death” and he has been sentenced to seven years in prison.