Daniel Humm And William Guidara Talk Cookbooks

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Video Produced and Edited by Ali Rosen

Last week we brought you the news about Daniel Humm and William Guidara's latest project at NoMad, but the Eleven Madison Park duo is also working on a new cookbook (we imagine those two never sleep).

Their first cookbook, Eleven Madison Park: The Cookbook, was released last November. Their second cookbook, currently titled I Love New York, is meant to be more "accessible," with recipes organized by ingredients.

"You go to a market, you get some amazing tomatoes, you go home, and there's a selection of recipes," Guidara explains in the video above.

Although the two admit that there isn't a set New York food (maybe pizza?), "the hallmark [dish] of [any] place is essentially driven by what grows there," Guidara explains. And while New York does get the rep of being a "cement playground," Guidara claims, "It's really one of the most amazing agricultural areas in the world."

And even though Humm isn't a native New Yorker, he says, "The people who make New York what it is, a big part of it, they're all not New Yorkers. That's what makes New York so great; it doesn't really matter where you're from."

The two hope to release I Love New York this November.

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