Daniel Boulud Teams Up with Offensive Vodka Brand and More News

In today's Media Mix, grease thieves galore, plus tasty matzoh ice cream
Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

Media Mix

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Grease Thieves Strike Again: A firsthand account of how grease thieves work, complete with some arm flexing from three large men and a confrontation in a basement. [Dirt Candy]

Daniel Boulud Teams Up with Vodka Group: Daniel Boulud's newest house vodka, Wodka Vodka, apparently made headlines in the past for some inapprorpiate billboard ads referencing prostitution and religion (in two separate campaigns). Considering Boulud's hoity-toity status, it's a bit off-putting. [GrubStreet NY]

Starbucks Planning to Take Over with Another Brand: And it's not the juice place, either. Ever since Borders closed, Starbucks has been trying out new things with one of their brands, Seattle's Best Coffee. They're teaming up with Kmart, Walmart, and college campuses, along with airports and medical centers. [Business Insider]

Havana Restaurants Going Smokeless: Looks like a post-meal cigar won't be possible at some Havana joints, where they're starting to designate smoking-free areas in the colonial quarter. [Boston Globe]

Matzoh Ice Cream for Passover: LA Creamery has created a milk chocolate ice cream with coconut macaroons and a vanilla bean ice cream filled with chocolate-covered matzoh. Just in time to spice up Passover. [GrubStreet LA]