'Dancing With The Stars,' Adult Films Courting Paula Deen

Last week, Paula Deen had a total of 12 (by our count) partnerships either terminated or suspended thanks to a leak of the deposition transcript where Deen admitted to using the "N" word, repeating racist jokes, and wanting to hire an all-black male cast to serve as waiters during a wedding.

Of course now, after the empire has crumbled, the question is what Deen will do next, and the Dancing with the Stars rumors have emerged.

On VH1's Gossip Table, Rob Shuter reports that Deen has been approached to appear in the next Dancing with the Stars, the show that has made forgotten celebrities relevant again. Back in 2010, Deen had also been approached by the reality show but declined, saying, "Fat girls don't look good sweating." The producers were still interested at the beginning of this year, with an insiderĀ telling HollywoodLife.com, "Producers love Paula's likability and think it would guarantee she'd be around for a couple weeks."

Of course, since then Deen has lost more than 30 pounds after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, not to mention most of her business partnerships including her network, Food Network.

And while people question the effectiveness of joining DWTS in terms of healing Deen's public persona, we imagine that this next offer won't do much to help at all; TMZ reports that a porn site PureMature.com has sent a letter to Deen's camp to offer herĀ six figures to star in an adult film.