Dance Along To Your Favorite Recipes

If the likes of Turntable Kitchen and Eating the Beats are any indication, music and food go side by side, especially when entertaining. So it makes sense that Brooklyn indie band One Ring Zero takes recipes from famous chefs (Mario Batali, Tom Colicchio, and David Chang, to name a few) and puts them to music.

In an album (out now) called "The Recipe Project," you'll find a classic cookbook with chef interviews, along with a CD of all the recipes set to music. If you're in Brooklyn, the release party is tomorrow.

Snapshots of the interior show David Chang's recipe for crab claws with yuzu mayonnaise, as well as an interview with Chang where he slams Guy Fieri (again). Sample: "My oldest brother was like, 'How can you make fun of Guy Fieri? He wears a wristband in honor of his son,' and I was like, 'If it really mattered that much to him, he wouldn't f–king tell anybody! It'd be just between him and his son."

Watch a cute promo video below. Warning: The song is catchy, so you may have Mario Batali's spaghetti recipe stuck in your head.

Listen to more songs here.

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