Dairy Queen Finally Heads to NYC

After a riDQulously long wait, Blizzard lovers get ready

Dairy Queen CEO announces plans to open several locations starting this summer in New York City.

In the midst of this week’s sweltering heat wave, Blizzard lovers rejoice. Dairy Queen CEO John Gainor has announced plans to open several Dairy Queen locations in New York City starting this summer.

Gainor told Deirdre Bolton of Bloomsberg’s MoneyMoves that the company is excited to finally open up in New York City.

The first store is set to open in the Staten Island Ferry station before Dairy Queen hits the island of Manhattan. The exact number of locations has yet to be released but there will be multiple stores, said Gainor in a video interview.

“We signed a multi-unit agreement recently,” said Gainer in his interview with Bolton. “And hopefully by the end of this year we’ll have several units right here in Manhattan.”

The announcement comes in the midst of Bloomberg’s proposed ban at city restaurants on soft drink sales greater than 16 ounces. The ban has caused mass controversy with soft drink giant Coca-Cola seemingly leading the fight against the proposition according to Business Insider.

“We want to have options on the menu,” said Gainer during an interview at Bloomberg headquarters Thursday. “Obviously, if it’s passed, we will have to work with it.”

The Bloomberg administration proposed the plan last month in an attempt to combat the city’s rising obesity, heart disease and diabetes rates.

Dairy Queen currently has 6,200 locations in 20 countries including over 500 stores in China alone, but this summer will mark Dairy Queen’s first venture into New York City.

This announcement is so good it's riDQulous.

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