Dairy Farmers Compete at Cow-Milking Video Game

Nintendo invited dairy farmers to play its cow-milking game, and they were awesome at it

Nintendo invited a bunch of dairy farmers to compete at a virtual cow-milking game for Nintendo Switch. Unsurprisingly, they were awesome at it. 

June 1 was Milk Day in Japan, and Nintendo decided to honor the hardworking dairy workers of the country by throwing a special milk-themed event showcasing various dairy products and inviting dairy farmers to play a cow-milking video game. Unsurprisingly, the farmers were awesome at it.


According to Sora News 24, the dairy-themed event was held in Roppongi last week, and it featured local dairy products including milk and ice cream alongside dairy-related quizzes, workshops, educational events, and butter-churning activities. Best of all, the event had professional dairy farmers compete at Nintendo’s 1-2-Switch Milk, a mini video game for the Nintendo Switch gaming console in which people milk virtual cows. The game is familiar to many Nintendo Switch owners, but most of the contestants had never played the games before. That did not stop them, though, and apparently the game is pretty similar to the act of milking actual cows, because it turns out the farmers were great at it.



Watching farmers compete at a virtual milking game was a highlight for many festival attendees, but not so much for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which Sora News 24 reports has officially complained about the milking video game on the grounds that it romanticizes milking and does not properly show the “cruelty” of the dairy industry. The dairy farmers did not seem to agree, however, and they had a good time showing off their milking skills for an audience.