20. Cactus Leaf from The Daily Meal's Fruit and Vegetable Pageant

The Daily Meal's Fruit and Vegetable Pageant

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20. Cactus Leaf

Looking at a cactus leaf from a nutritional standpoint, it falls somewhere in the middle of the ranking. Unfortunately for it, though, its scores based on looks, taste, and cooking drags it to the bottom of the list.

"Some supermarkets sell raw cactus leaves (nopales in Spanish) with their thorns removed and cut into ready-to-use strips," says Thomas. "Cooked, they have the appealing texture of blanched green beans, with a flavor that is a mix of green bell peppers sprinkled with lemon juice. Phytochemicals within cactus leaves have been shown to lower triglycerides, while other studies have displayed their ability to help reduce symptoms of overindulgence in alcoholic beverages. Grill the prepared strips of cactus leaves and toss in a taco salad or include them as part of an enchilada filling."