The Daily Meal's Fantasy Food Trips

One of the best parts about traveling is dreaming of where to go next. Perhaps you read about somewhere far flung where locals dance in the street, maybe you've long-fantasized about somewhere with no cell service, your friend comes back regaling you with tales of cutting into sweet, fresh fruits from street carts, or, to satisfy your inner historian, you long to visit a country's crumbling, centuries-old fortress.

No matter where your dream trip is — whether it's a road trip or a multi-leg flight — there's that moment when the stars align and dreaming becomes planning; when wanderlust becomes reality. Once vacation days have been requested, flights have been booked, and cameras (read: iPhones) charged, the adrenaline rush of fantasy meeting reality kicks in.

It should come as no surprise that here, at The Daily Meal, our dream trips revolve around food and drink. Maryse, our Drink editor, who wouldn't turn down a vineyard tour of the Canary Islands and a tiki cocktail quest in Hawaii, would love to be found following the Kentucky Bourbon Trail if she could. Josh, one of our editorial interns, would book a ticket to indulge in the fall foliage and rich Cold War history of White Sulfur Springs, W.V.

Yasmin, our Cook editor, dreams of heading straight for the kitchen in Puglia, Italy, where cooking classes would await her, and Allison, our Entertain editor, would find her way to Sweden to taste the freshest and most authentic Scandinavian fare. Wine countries and iconic restaurants, too, make our list of dream trips from domestic destinations that pack a punch to long-haul trips filled to the brim with activities.

Because, the best part of dreaming big is getting to plan big.

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