The Daily Meal Is Served

We're putting everything on the table

Welcome to The Daily Meal. Yet another food site? No. As perhaps you may have noticed, there are already plenty of those out there, from collections of several million recipes (most of them for chicken) to dining guides both opinionated and innocuously generic, from industry-driven flack to passionate blogs devoted to L.A. taco trucks, New York nachos, and 30 things you can cook with a waffle iron (not including waffles).


The Daily Meal is none of the above, or rather it's all of the above and a lot more. Our aim is nothing less than to cover every aspect of the eating and drinking experience: restaurants (and street food, and joints), chefs, trends, cookbooks, wine and spirits (and beer and coffee), healthy dining, not-so-healthy dining, kitchen tools, home entertaining, food-oriented travel—and of course cooking. Our robust customized recipe database returns ranked results from a treasury of top sites (chosen and vetted by our editors) supplemented with original Daily Meal recipes, a glossary of food terms, and a catalogue of kitchen basics.


Unique perspectives on the culinary world are supplied by illustrious contributors and by a connoisseur's collection of daily blogs from industry insiders, celebrated tastemakers, and culinary eccentrics—specialists in every aspect of preparing and enjoying good food and drink. The Daily Meal also plays host to a vibrant community of passionate food-lovers—in other words, you—who share recipes, restaurant tips, wine lore, and thoughts and opinions about this whole delicious universe. Whether you're a food or wine professional, a discerning diner, a serious home cook, or just somebody who has an appetite for the best, The Daily Meal will delight and satisfy you. We're dedicated to serving you all the food that's fit to eat. And we know you're hungry.