The Daily Meal's New Product Round Up

In keeping with our "All Things Eat and Drink" ethos, we are introducing a weekly product round-up feature here at The Daily Meal. From unusual snacks and drinks, to new flavors of your favorite products, we've got you covered so you don't have to scour the Internet or the shelves of your local grocery store to find out what's new on the market.

New Pepperidge Farm Cookies: Remember the joy of opening a brand-new box of Milano cookies? Pepperidge Farm remembers. This iconic brand is introducing several new cookies for the spring season, including the limited-edition lemon Milano cookies, which feature the unusual combination of lemon and chocolate flavored fillings. A new, dense chocolate brownie cookie is on the way as well. 

New Goldfish Flavors: Who doesn't smile when they eat a package of Goldfish? As one of your favorite childhood snacks, Goldfish is getting a re-vamp and will be introducing new flavors like "flavor blasted chili lime," and "Flavor Blasted Screamin' Hot." We liked the chili lime flavor but thought that the Screamin' Hot made our taste buds scream a bit too much. We also dug the gluten-free Goldfish Puffs, made for adults.

Yaff Bar: Maybe you've heard of sharing a bed with your dog, but how about sharing your food? Yaff Bar made by Mudd and Wyeth is the first energy bar meant for both humans and dogs.  So far, they come in honey almond cranberry, banana peanut butter, and blueberry crunch. Thankfully, the bars did not taste anything like kibble.

Prefunc: Prefunc just may have made the miracle you've been looking for. This elixir, not yet approved by the FDA, is supposed to prevent a hangover if you take a two-ounce shot of it before going out drinking, and take another after coming home. We're not so sure if it works but the ingredients (green tea, gooseberry fruit, and a bunch of different roots), are all-natural, so it can't hurt more than the next-day headache.

Double Tree's "The Cookie:" If you've ever stayed at a Double Tree Inn, you probably remember the gooey, fudgy (and complimentary!) cookies you get every time you check into the hotel and return at night. Well now, Double Tree is selling its famous treat, simply called "The Cookie." Sure, it's as delicious as we remember, but each cookie packs a whopping 310 calories and 18 grams of fat!

Épicerie Easter Sweets from Daniel Boulud: The French chef and his pastry team have a whole bunch of adorable sweets for Easter. Available online in the Épicerie store, you can order hand-painted chocolate eggs in Valrhona milk or dark chocolate, festive spring macarons, chocolate madelines, and even Daniel's interpretation of the classic marshmallow Peeps. 

Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup: This flowery product from Heart-Tee in Australia may sound a little unusual, but it's made to compliment your favorite cup of tea, or to substitute the fruit juice in a pitcher of sangria.

Three Little Figs Spreads and Jams: We at The Daily Meal love experimenting with spreads, and the Three Little Figs has come out with a line of handmade fig jams to make your sandwiches, toast, and whatever you feel needs spreading, taste even better with flavors like Puddletown pub chutney, balsamic fresh fig, and French onion confit.

Quest Protein Snacks: Quest has created a new line of high-protein snacks for athletes and workout-buffs that proves protein snacks don't just come in bar or powder form. They have released new high-protein peanut butter cups that are gluten-free, trans-fat free, and no added sugar. It's not quite like a Reese's but it's definitely a change from the usual power bars.

Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh BOLD: Add some oomph to your lunch! Oscar Mayer lunch meat is going bold with the launch of their new packaged lunchmeats including: Italian style herb turkey breast, Cajun style turkey breast, maple honey ham, and chipotle-seasoned chicken breast. 

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Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @JoannaFantozzi