The Daily Meal’s Fast-Food Thanksgiving

We’re taking America’s fast-food favorites and adding them to our Thanksgiving Day menu
Emily Jacobs

Enjoy your favorite fast-food treats during one of the most important "special occasions" of the year.

We’ve all been there: driving down the highway late at night with an empty stomach or racing to a meeting with little time for lunch and popping into the nearest fast-food spot for a quick bite. But while we enjoy fast food for its convenience, we also know that it’s indulgent, and so many of us reserve it for "special occasions" like road trips, hangovers, or feeding the kids on a Friday night when we’re too tired to cook.

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Though we may call many of life’s inconveniences "special occasions," when we can enjoy fast food, there is one holiday on the horizon that The Daily Meal felt was the most opportune time to enjoy a fast-food snack or two: Thanksgiving. This is a holiday that centers on food, so what better time to enjoy some of our favorite fast-food dishes?

The Daily Meal has developed a Thanksgiving menu that incorporates all of our favorite fast-food menu items into one grand feast. Fanatics about McDonald’s fries, those who can’t get enough of Burger King’s onion rings, or people who always have to finish a Taco Bell meal with a helping of cinnamon twists can use these recipes to incorporate everything they love about fast food into one of our nation’s most special holidays, and a food holiday, at that.

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Anne Dolce is the Cook Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @anniecdolce