The Da Vinci Body Board Wants To Give You The Best Post-Holiday Bod


At the end of the year it seems like everyone is on the same page—recipes, baking, wondering what to wear so that turkey belly doesn’t show—but just a few days after Christmas and suddenly it’s all about fitness. Can you think of a more popular New Year’s resolution? So instead of heading to the gym after the holidays—which will be packed with people and can be kind of, well, gross—you can grab a Da Vinci Body Board to work out on your own. And wouldn’t you rather workout while binge-watching Million Dollar Shoppers in the comfort of your own home? Designed to combine strength and cardio into one workout, the board is meant for shorter exercise times to build long lean muscles. There's a different routine for each day, and the board is meant to work for any fitness ability by offering five different levels of resistance. While 20 minutes a day doesn’t sound like much, the Pilates moves in conjunction with band resistance can work the entire body and get you on your way to achieving your resolutions.