D'Lions Do Danforth: The Best Of Student Recipes


Photo by Jiahe Abby Wang

If there's one thing that all college students miss at one point or another, it's a home cooked meal. You might not realize this until you're away from home and all of a sudden need to actually plan when to eat and what to eat. You find yourself skipping meals to run to class or buying pizza rolls and ice cream from Hillside at 2am. This past Wednesday, the "D'Lions Do Danforth" event gave us the home cooked meal we're always craving.

From baked ziti to stuffed portobello mushrooms, Danforth gave us a break from its regular menu and revamped it to serve a meal that reminded of us of home. Even Danforth classics such as pizza and chocolate chip cookies were made differently to have a "homier" vibe.


Photo by Jiahe Abby Wang

The most popular dish of the night turned out to be seared Dijon salmon with wild rice pilaf and sautéed mustard greens, and orchiette with chickpeas and kale.


Photo by Jiahe Abby Wang

However, it's no surprise that the longest line was for the ice cream sundaes with Brazilian brigadeiro.


Photo by Jiahe Abby Wang


Photo by Jiahe Abby Wang

Performances by the Midnight Ramblers, After Hours and other groups on campus provided entertainment throughout the night. After a successful evening I think we should go get down on our knees and beg D'Lions to do Danforth more often. Who's with me? Well done D'Lions, well done.


Photo by Jiahe Abby Wang

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