Cycling, Eating, and Drinking Through Italy

Culinary cycling tours through the French and Italian Alps

Despite the cycling world's recent scandal with Lance Armstrong, it may just be that biking the French and Italian Alps through various culinary Edens will make you forget all about it.

Ciclismo Classico tours will take you through Friuli in northeastern Italy where you can visit the new wine star Colio, or through the French-influenced Piedmont for barolo and barbaresco alongside their famous white truffles.

"Like chefs who intuitively know, love, and seek out delicious flavors to blend into a succulent dish," said Ciclismo Classico CEO and founder Lauren Hefferon in a note to The Daily Meal, "our Ciclismo Classico team combines an insatiable love of cycling, travel, and culture with a rich imagination for creating unforgettable two-wheeled tours."

Then there is the coastal Puglia tour, where lamb and sheep’s milk cheese are the lures amid the area's artichokes and grapes.

"One of my top bike trips — great guides," said a Ciclismo Classico guest, "The best cycling, excellent food and wine, and a great cultural experience."

Adventure food travel continues to be creative in how it fuses traditional touring with the culinary world. The result is a series of magical cycling tours that have no rival.

Another guest added, "This is not a bus tour. I loved the interaction with people along the way. The food and wine were incredible! I really got the Italian experience."

Just watch out for the Italian polizia pulling you over for a BUI.

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