Disappointed Thief Accepts Potato Salad Instead Of Money

A thief allegedly accosted a Berlin sausage-seller this week in search of money or sausages, but wound up leaving with just a bowl of potato salad instead.

According to The Local, an employee at the Curry Paule currywurst shop in Berlin had sold out of sausages and was turning off all the cookers in the kiosk for the night when a man entered with a knife and demanded money.

The employee says she told him that her boss had already taken the money to the bank and there was none in the store. She tried offering him her personal wallet and phone, but he did not want those. She says he told her that he was out of work and hungry, so she offered him some potato salad, which was the only food in the restaurant at the time.

"Suddenly he said that he knew he was being recorded," the employee said, "so I bent over to him and said 'Maybe you're mad. You do realise you're committing a hold up for a potato salad? This is going to the police!'"

At that point the thief reportedly looked surprised, like he had only just realized that holding up the currywurst kiosk was a terrible idea, and he fled on a bike before the police arrived.