A Cure for Cabin Fever: Perfect Snow Day Comfort Foods

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A Cure for Cabin Fever: Perfect Snow Day Comfort Foods

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Snowball fights, sledding and building snowmen are all quintessential activities to look forward to on a snow day. But when classes are canceled because the weather makes going outside a treacherous adventure into the polar vortex, we must find other ways to entertain ourselves indoors. 

Instead of writing that paper due next week, you can fill your stomach to fill your time. Eating crunchy, creamy and just plain greasy foods is the best way to celebrate that canceled 8 am class. There’s no need to venture outside when these foods can bring the comfort level to the max.

Here are a few foods to keep you feeling good even when the weather doesn’t:


Chocolate Therapy

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You cannot go wrong with a cup of hot chocolate, a warm blanket and a day full of Netflix. Binge watching an entire season of your favorite shows is even more enjoyable with hot chocolate and plenty of marshmallows.


Ice Cream Comfort

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Just because there’s snow on the ground doesn’t mean that we have to leave Ben and Jerry out in the cold. These two and their pints of pure joy have everyone admitting, “the cold never bothered me anyway.”

“I absolutely love Ben & Jerry’s,” Tori Dougherty, a freshman animal sciences major at the University of Maryland, said.

With flavors like Cherry Garcia and Triple Caramel Chunk,  Ben & Jerry’s ice cream has enough variety for everyone who decides to spend the day eating their feelings.

Pastry Perfection

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Photo by Alanna Schloss

Whether it is a cream filled donut, a slice of cake, a gooey brownie or a chocolate chip cookie, baked goods always make us feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Cheesy Goodness

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A bowl of mac and cheese on a snow day is all it takes to melt that New Year’s diet. But as long as you can’t go outside, what’s the harm?

Anything Fried

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There is something about a greasy plate of French fries that just makes everything else seem irrelevant.

So on a snow day, the only cold we are forced to endure is when we reach into the fridge for our favorite comfort snacks.

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