The Cupcake Girl: Molly Doroba


Name: Molly Doroba
Year: Sophomore
Major: Elementary Education

Photo By Lindsey Law

Molly inherited the baking genes and Polish cookie recipes from her grandmother. However, during her freshman year of high school she began baking seriously and constantly alongside her sister. The hobby stuck and by the time she graduated she had a solid reputation as the Cupcake Girl.

This cupcake fiend used her baking talent to bribe her way out of gym class and butter up her teachers before tests. Now as a college student, she uses her baking to relieve school related stress on breaks and dishing out cupcakes for family and friends.

Photo By Lindsey Law

This summer she baked at least once a week, but her biggest accomplishment was not a cupcake but the cronut. After six hours of intense labor, Molly produced a marvelous batch of cronuts for her brother’s birthday. The croissant and donut love child was flaky, buttery and covered in a savory maple glaze. If being a teacher doesn’t work out for Molly perhaps the Midwest will be the next cronut capital of the nation.

What is your favorite food memory? My favorite food memory is coming home to my dad making peanut butter cookies and learning how to make the crosses with a fork on top.

What is your worst food memory? My worst food memory is anytime I burn cookies, because every time a piece of my heart breaks. I take it very personally.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever eaten? A deep-fried snickers. It was not crazy, but crazy good. I’ve also had some freeze dried food.

What is you favorite holiday baked good? Pumpkin Pie – it’s my job to make it for our family. I also love Christmas cookie baking, especially peanut butter thumbprint cookies.

We are happy to announce that Molly will soon be on staff with Spoon as our resident baker. Welcome to Spoon, Molly!

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